An initiative by Moonbeam Healing founder, Monique Morrison, to help spread love and light into the world

Our Mission and Vision

Bringing Light to the World, One Story at a Time

At Moonbeam Healing, we believe in the transformative power of white light and positivity.

Our podcast, The White Light Collective, is more than just a series of conversations. It's a sanctuary where energy workers, reiki practitioners, healers, mediums, and like-minded souls gather to share their journeys and insights.

Each episode is a beacon, guiding listeners towards inner peace, healing, and a deeper connection with the universe. Join us in our mission to spread light, love, and healing across the globe.

Your Voice Can Make a Difference

The White Light Collective is on the horizon, and we're looking for inspirational guests who embody the spirit of our mission.

If you're an energy worker, reiki master, healer, medium, or anyone dedicated to bringing positivity into this world, we invite you to join our uplifting community.

Share your experiences, wisdom, and light with a receptive, global audience eager to embark on a journey of healing and enlightenment.

Shine Your Light, Share Your Story

Being a guest on The White Light Collective offers a unique platform to share your story, promote your practice, and connect with a diverse audience.

Your insights and experiences are invaluable in inspiring and aiding others on their healing journey.

As a guest, you'll gain exposure to a broader audience, network with fellow practitioners, and contribute to a collective effort of spreading positivity and wellness.

Preparing for the Podcast

To ensure a smooth and professional experience on The White Light Collective, here are some tips for our guests:

  • Strong Internet Connection: A stable and strong internet connection is crucial for a high-quality video podcast.

  • Quiet Environment: Choose a calm and quiet space to avoid background noise and distractions.

  • Good Lighting: Ensure your face is well-lit so our viewers can connect with you visually.

  • Test Your Equipment: Check your microphone, camera, and internet speed beforehand.

  • Be Yourself: Bring your authentic self and share your unique story and wisdom.

Embark on a Journey of Collaboration and Healing

Ready to share your light with the world?

Book an introductory session with us to discuss your potential participation in The White Light Collective. Our calendar is open for bookings. Choose a time that suits you, and let's start a conversation that could enlighten and inspire many.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is The White Light Collective Podcast?

The White Light Collective is a video podcast hosted by Moonbeam Healing, where we interview energy workers, reiki practitioners, healers, mediums, and other individuals who contribute to spreading positivity and white light in the world. Our mission is to share enlightening stories and insights that promote healing and harmony.

How can I apply to be a guest on the podcast?

To apply, simply book an introductory session through our website's calendar. During this session, we'll discuss your background, areas of expertise, and how you can contribute to the podcast. We welcome applications from anyone passionate about healing and spreading positivity.

Is there a fee to be a guest on the podcast?

No, there is no fee to be a guest on The White Light Collective. Our aim is to create a platform for sharing knowledge and experiences that benefit our audience and the broader healing community. Participating as a guest is completely free.

What topics are covered in the podcast?

We cover a wide range of topics related to healing, spirituality, energy work, and personal growth. This includes discussions on reiki, meditation, energy healing, spiritual practices, personal experiences in healing journeys, and tips for living a more positive and balanced life.

What are the technical requirements for being a guest?

Guests need a strong and stable internet connection, a good quality microphone and camera, and a quiet environment for recording. Good lighting is also important to ensure viewers can clearly see you during the video podcast.

Will I be able to promote my work or services on the podcast?

Yes, guests are encouraged to share information about their practice, services, or any projects they are involved in. The podcast is a platform for guests to connect with a wider audience, and we support our guests in promoting their contributions to the healing community.

Together, let's illuminate the world with the light of knowledge, healing, and positivity.

© Moonbeam Healing, The White Light Collective Podcast